Rest in Peace


Black candle
Citrin crystal
Earth/the crystal
Air/the air around you
Water/for the bowl
Fire/for the candle wic
Spirit /in side you
Time / 3 days


Rest in peace.

Spell Casting

Today we will be working with black candles crystals and some time magic and water so we will have earth air fire and water all in one spell this will be very easy and a lot of fun to as well so lets get started. First take a bowl of water and drop some citrin in the water. Let set for 3 days next light the black candle each night befor bed then snuff it out. Do not blow for 3 days and at the end of the 3rd day.  The citrin should no longer be charged how to tell is the once yellow citrin is now clear like quarts crystal and should help your sleep as well as brush of some negative dreams away and make for a deep sleep.
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