Hawthorn Berry Conserve


Dried seedless hawthorn berries
Apple juice
Ginger (grated or powder)


This spell creates a delicious tasting tonic that will augment one's arcane energies for spell-casting and is especially good to boost one's heart-health too.

Spell Casting

This is a tonic/potion to augment energy. Below is how to create it.

Step 1- Place the hawthorn berries in a pan with just enough apple sauce to cover them; simmer over low heat for fifteen minutes. Cover and let it sit overnight.

Step 2- Sweeten with honey, ginger and cinnamon to taste. Store it in the refrigerator were it will keep for two or three weeks.

Closing note: You can also make a really good syrup from hawthorn berries- either way it is a fantastic way to augment and stabilize one's energy flow/heart health with this formula. After consuming, expect energy to return in four days or so, if not sooner. Enjoy and blessed be.

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