Dog Vision Enhancer


Red Candle
Blue Candle
White Candle
Green Candle
Great Vizualization


Basically Changes your dogs eyesight from seeing in black and white to seeing in color

Spell Casting

Get your dog in a relaxing state, where he wont get up and walk away. Light all four candles (make sure the flames dont frighten your dog) and imagine the scent of the candles sending color to your dogs eyes, and Black and White coming from your dogs eyes and burning in the fires. Then say:

"Dog who see's in black and white,
let color be part of your eyesight"

Quickly put out the candles and vizualize the smoke as the black and white vision, flying away from you and your dog. Once the smoke has cleared your dog should suddenly look around , realizing the color around him. Calm him down for a couple of minuites.
After this, the spell is done
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