Friendship Magic Bag


Orange or yellow fabric
String or rubber band
Yellow rose petals(or red)
A penny
A type of small stone or crystal


To help you make friends more easily.

Spell Casting

First make sure to charge all items before making the bag. Lay out the orange or yellow fabric and put the rose petals (yellow or red) in a circle on the fabric. Then take the crystal or stone and hold it in your hand.

Say the incantation: "Help me friends. Tie the knot to all ends. Make love and not war. Friendship won't be far".

Next, you put the stone or crystal in the middle of the rose petal circle. After that charge the penny to bring you good luck in finding the RIGHT friends. Fold the bag up and tie the string to it. If you don't have a string, just use a rubber band. When the bag is made, you can either carry it around with you at school or your work place. If you don't want to carry the bag around, keep it in a safe place where it wont be disturbed.
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