1 Tablespoon of seasalt or sand
1 Blue candle (represents water)
1 Candle that represents you
1 Candle for your tail
1 Fish scale or shell
Symbol (hair, spit, blood,toenail, fingernail)
1/3 Cup of cooking oil
1/2 Cup of water


Its a spell that will transform you into a mermaid.

Spell Casting

Crush the shell (if you have a scale DO NOT CRUSH IT). Mix in seasalt/sand with the scale or crushed shell in the bowl. Light the candles. Mix in the symbol, oil and water

Go look at the moon and soak in its light, just however it takes you to transfer into a mermaid (between 20 an 45 seconds). Pour the mix ALL over you. Recite this (you can look at this or remember it): "Dear God and Goddesws of the sea, hear my plea. I am casting this spell tonight asking you to grant my deepest wish. I wish to become a mermaid with a (color of your candle) tail".
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