Make Your Spouse Loyal to You


All you need is a red silk cord
the length of the cord shall correspond with the length of your spouse' erect phallus (I'm that you won't have any problems finding out it's length)


This is a spell which is suppose to be used by women with the intends of saving her relationship or marriage with her spouse it's effective at preventing him from cheating on you

Spell Casting

NEVER tell anyone that you casted a love spell on someone
it will decrease it's power
keep this in private and away from others

When bedtime approaches put the cord under your pillow
when both of you go to sleep have sex with your spouse/husband (the cord shall remain under your pillow through out the entire time)
then when your spouse finally falls asleep pull the cord out and tie on it seven knots then keep the cord for yourself in a safe place
your spouse' loyalty is guaranteed as long as the cord is safe and the knots are well tied
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