Raise Psychic Energy


Your mind
If a crystal helps you focus use it


Rasie pschic energy and project though eyes, into wand, or what ever you want.

Spell Casting

Hold crystal in left hand relax and ground yourself. Then take a feather and rub on the bottom of your foot for 30 min. Then stop and with your mind pull the felling from the bottom of your foot up your leg. Then when you reach your hip stop. You should feel it move up your leg similar to low electrical charge or tingling. Follow the same instructions for the right leg then continue with your left hand and your right hand. When complete you should be able to raise psycic energy in seconds. You can hold it until you can not handle it any more then release it though your finger or your eyes. Be respectful when dealing with the energy. It can turn on you and cause harm. so be careful. This is nothing new or exciting you should be able to do something similar if you are here.

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