Peaceful Sleep


Cinnamon sticks
2 Chamomile teabags
1 Peppermint teabag
Hot water


A spell to help you drift into a peaceful sleep.

Spell Casting

Boil water and place it in your teapot. After which, place in your herbal teas, your cinnamon sticks, and your honey. Add enough cinnamon sticks and honey to achieve desired flavor. Let the tea steep for a short time.

When you are ready to drink your tea place it in your teacup. As you slowly pour the tea into your cup say the following:

"May this magical, herbal tea grant me a peaceful nights sleep.
By the grace of the Gods, I imbue you with this power."

As you say the chant visualize the tea be empowered by your words and doing exactly what you are saying. When you drink the tea believe that it is working.

After you finish your tea you will begin to slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep.

NOTE: The tea works well without the above spell, but I've found that it works better with the use of the spell.
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