Fitness Pact


paper and pen


Fitness allows us to have a better quality of life. Millions of people start every January with resolutions pertaining to fitness. By February, the majority abandon them. Our New Year begins with Samhain. Why not come up with a sacred fitness program we can keep?

Spell Casting

Take time to reflect on the types of exercise you need to achieve the level of fitness you desire. Make a list of the types of workouts you enjoy. See how much of these two lists overlap. Start slowly. Make your fitness time ritualistic: start with a fitness prayer or a moment or two in Tadasana, or Mountain, pose. Don’t leap from zero fitness to full fitness right away. You’ll grow exhausted, injured, frustrated, and might give up. Build your practice, as you’ve built your spiritual practice. Ask the goddess Nike for her blessing—you don’t have to wear clothes bearing her name in order to receive her support!
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