Candle Exercise


A single candle.
A place with no moveing air.


Exercise your energy with a candle flame. This is not really a spell, but an exercise to help practice the basics.

Spell Casting

Stare at the candle, close the eyes and picture the moving flame in the mind, see the candle burning higher, then lower. Use this visualisation for about 5 minutes. Opening the eyes, stare at the candle again, without blinking. Each time the eyes Blink, Start over. I Believe This helps me in strengthening visualisation and concentration skills.
Set goals, perhaps to achieve 1 minute longer each day. Long term, as long as possible.

Hold the projective hand 12 inches from the candle flame, draw the candle flame upwards and towards one, see this with the eyes and in the mind. The flame is guided back down and to a lower point than it was first burning. Then attempt to direct the flame so that it dances away from and at a 45 degree to the candle.

Practice with moving the flame in all directions and try to attain height and volume from the flame. I generally practice this for twenty minutes or so.
I Do this slowly, so as not to create air movement that will interfere with the flame.

My objective is to achieve extinguishing the flame without air and without touching it. I know this can be done.
Do not become anxious or frustrated, practice Makes Progress, negative emotion stalls progress.

You need permission for this as well.
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