Wax and Coin Spell


1 green candle (if you can't find green you can also use yellow or white)
a coin(use a coin that has the highest value, do not use old coins that cannot be used anymore)


This is a small charm that can attract wealth to you

Spell Casting

Light the candle. Take the coin and carefully pour the wax of the candle on the coin. Be sure to use he "heads" side, and be careful not to make the wax spill out of the side of the coin, just make sure that the wax reaches the sides of the coin without it spilling. When you have done this, wait until the wax comletely hardens. When the wax completely hardens and isn't warm anymore, carefully peel the wax of the coin. Be sure not to break it. When this is done, you will see the imprint of the coin on the wax. Then say: "I bless this charm and may it bring me wealth and prosperity, Blessed be.", then blow out the candle. put the charm in any place where you keep your money, like your wallet or maybe even your piggy bank. Be sure to keep the charm safe and don't let it break. Hope i helped, Blessed be!
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