How To Summon A Flower Fairy




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Finding a fairy glen in springtime or summer is quite easy. Just go into the county or a park and look for the place where the wild flowers grow. Fairies love flowers and they care for them the way a gardener looks after their garden. An ideal fairy glen will be lightly wooded with some shelter from the sun. A narrow valley with a tinkling silver stream is the very best place to seek the fairy folk. But look more with your heart than with your eyes.

Feel the atmosphere as you walk among the meadows, hear the sounds of nature singing to you. It is a soft, soft song of love. You will know the fairies are around when you feel that the fields, the birds, the trees and the flowers are all as one. Then you may see them. Dancing circles in the sunlit pastures as the buttercups bend in the gentle summer breeze.

Sit quietly as you search the grassy slopes and flowered fields for fairies. Be at peace with yourself and think joyful thoughts. Fairies like happy people and you are such a person. So tell them so. Here is a little verse that I know all fairies will like.

Say this out loud with hope and love in your heart.

"Sweet fairy folk of fairy glen It is joy I wish for you Please dear fairies believe in me I'm good and honest and true."

But never say that if it isn't the truth. I have told you that fairy folk do not like liars. But if it is true then try it. You may not actually see a fairy but they will know about you and your happy thoughts. Just watch and see how many good things start to happen once you have introduced yourself the fairy folk.
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