Call Your Dragon Gaurdian




This spell is to help you call upon your dragon gaurdian to protect you.

Spell Casting

There are several incantations for the very reason of protection. First off is immediate summoning. Here are different chants for this:




"By Dragon wing and dragon claw, my defense is without flaw".



"Shrouded by dragon might, remove me from their sight."




"Fly before me dragon birght, and blind me foe with thy light."



"Full of rage and terrible ire, burn the with thy dragon fire!"




"Dark and terrible be thy wrath, dragon protect me on my path. "




Then there is short term need:

"Gentle gaurdian wise and strong, keep me as I doth belong. Safe within thy charge and care, the current porblem to fare. No harm to come or ill to befall. Gaurded and safe through it all." 




Long term need:

"Dragon brave and dragon wise, let nothing escape your eyes. I summon you from your hidden fair. I am entrusted to your care. Permit no harm to come to me within your sight, in your presence let all evils take way. No baneful creature born of flesh or spirit, may touch me nor come near. Let those that would bring harm, become filled with fright and alarm."
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