1825 English Love Spell


Old Version: Live Pigeon or White Dove
Picture of the Desired
A Long Pin or Needle
New Version: A Dove or Pigeon Poppet, cut out or wax figurine. (You may also wish to stuff the dove poppet with any herbs that might help; and/or mix the herbs with the wax)
Picture of the Desired
Long Pin or Needle


I will give you the old way and how it can be changed to protect the dove. But basically, it's to tray and "trap" the heart of the one whom you desire. Be careful though when fooling with the affairs of the heart!

Spell Casting

1825; England:

Take a Pigeon or Dove and while in the grip of your pains and with the powerful desire to have him....Take the pin or needle and state in short what you want. Then stab the Dove.Pigeon through the heart. It was said to have been a bad omen if the dove or pigeon suffers. It had to be clean and swift.

Bury the dove with the needle and his photo graph in a secret place. Burning them all together in some secret place was another variation as well.

2009, USA:

Make the poppet out of white cloth and the wax out of white wax. Stuff the poppet/wax figure with herbs that attract, and his hair/nail clippings ECT will also help.

Place the photo on where the heart would be and while in a grip of desire and passion, state briefly your intention then STAB the poppet/wax figure and through the photo.

You may burn them or bury them in some private location. But Know that they must be done so together.

Also remember that "What Comes Around Goes Around" So be cautious on where your heart lies in it's intentions.

Blessed Be!


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