Amaris shield.




Place Amari’s shield around you for protection against attacks, probes, etc.

Spell Casting

Stand erect. Place your hands together in a praying position together and bow your head. Close your eyes. Image a small blue ball of energy in your heart. Then make it so. Send energy into it as much as comfortable. Then, when ready, you expand it. Allow it to grow and become hallow inside. Like a bubble. Allow it to grow around into an extremely thin light blue oval around you, long side up and down. Now let it stay there. Keep it there by allowing it to stay there.

Afterwards, you don’t have to concentrate. As long as you allow it to stay it will stay. After a while it will were down and you will need to re-do it.

Speak to Priest/Priestess before doing this. Unless he teaches you the technique this will not work.
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