Fae Dream Charm


Cowslip ( Primula veris )
Sachet material ( preferably purple)
Small amethyst or Fairy cross crystal or a sodalite


Spell to help us meet fairies while we sleep.

Spell Casting

Go outdoor and get some poppy , some cowslip and thyme. Leave a small offering near every herb you pick , a simple spoon of honey or an offering stone shall be enough . Think of faeries as you do so or even state that it is for them. Standing before your doors , or on your doorstep make a herbal sachet of herbs , and add a small amethyst or fairy cross crystal or a sodalite. Sachet should preferably be indigo color . Hold it in Your hands and recite :

"Tiny brothers and sisters of mine, I call upon your lovely shine. Be you far or be you near, in my dreams I welcome you here. With this charm, I hold in hand, let me meet you in dream land".

You may anoint the sachet with some rosemary or jasmine If You like . Now place it under Your pillow and go to sleep and fae will visit your dream .


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