Vivienne's Circle


Salt (any salt is fine)


This spell protects you from all magical attacks as long as you do not step step outside of a circle you cast around you with salt. See the four names Gladde, Larfor, Jaypes, and Pranxtor glowing around the circle, imagining each one as a powerful spirit who will protect you.

Spell Casting

Create a circle of protection that is sprinkled by salt (generally enough salt to create the circle as big as you want). Remain in the circle (never step out of the circle once the spell is done) and chant...

Gladde and Jaypes at East and West,
Their protection is the best.
Larfor , Pranxtor, South and North,
Their protection sallies forth.
In the circle I have called,
I am safe from one and all:

(If the spell is not working keep chanting).
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