Necklace Protection


1 Necklace (it can be any kind at all)
Strong Voice
1 Element (not shadow but its your choice)


I heard that the spells you write is the most strongest but it never hurts to give it a try. The element that you select will protect you from curses, hexes and other spells that hurts you.

Spell Casting

You put the necklace on and take three deep breathes. Then you say:



"Element of (your element here) hear my plea, as long as I wear this necklace, protect me from others if they cast a bad spell on me. Only the good spells shall be allowed. This is my request, so let it be."



If it doesn't work, then choose a different element, a different necklace or your voice needs to be stronger. But if your planning on doing the element of shadow, you might want to be carful.
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