Blazing Seal


A voice
Red wax


A small spell that may be performed on an already-protected magical item. Let's just call it a spell enhancement.

Spell Casting

Place the magical item to be protected before you, and form around it in molten wax a common pentacle. The points of the symbol should lie outside the item, the pentagon itself should directly surround the item and NO WAX should actually touch the item.

Now touch the center of the item with your staff, and perform the following incantation:

Zas'Kavai Xararas K'Ven D'Shiao Vas Ne'gaia Ul'Xanao
(Translation: By the flames of Surtr, Primordial of Fire, I protect thee)

Note: This spell is in Aeonith, but it can be translated. I just prefer this language.

Now, when te object is disturbed, it should superheat and burn the offender.
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