The True Black Dot


Sheet of paper form the bible that contains The Father of Darkness's Name
Black Paint
Thy Enemies Name
1 One Candle Black


Used to curse an enemy.

Spell Casting

Take the sheet of paper and write your enemies name onto it, After you have done so then paint a black dot onto a piece of paper and chant the following after lighting your candle.

"_____ I call down the wrath of hell upon you. By this blasphemy I curse you ___ In the name of the Father. I curse you In the name of all which is unholy. Damn thee for betraying me, and damn thee for disgracing me. I damn thee for all the pain you have caused. My will shall be done, so mote it be"

Blow the candle out and pour a small drop onto the middle of the black dot go find your enemies and either give this paper to them if they take it into there hand. Wrath shall befall them, Place it under there bed and until it is removed or burned...then they will suffer...
so pretty much noones gonna know to burn it.
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