Don't Call Me Spell


Piece of White Paper
Black Marker
Black Pepper
Small Envelope
And if the person is really bad try to get a picture of him or her.


Prevents unwanted calls. Long directions but is worth it.

Spell Casting

On the paper write the person's name(if you are unsure of the name write something like the person who keeps calling and hanging up).Put a larg X over the name.After that under the name write:please stop calling me. Hold the pepper in you hand and say:


 "Element of earth, please keep (the person's name)from calling me,
Please build a wall of protection around me.
Lend me you power,
Lend me your magick and so mote it be!"


Sprinkle the pepper over the person.Add the picture,if you have one,on the top.Fold the paper so the pepper does not fall out and place it in the envelope and seal it.Hold it in you hands and say:


"Guardian angel (the person's name) keeps calling me
and I have no desire to speak to them,
Please don't let them call anymore."


Picture this person picking their phone and then put it down without calling you. See them shakeing their head,as if telling themselves not to call. Now put the envelope under the phone and say:


"May only positive calls reach me,
Negative messages fly away
don't call back another day."


The more you say it the better,but thats up to you. And the person should stop calling.
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