Move a Small Flame


Your hands and Mind


Move a small flame using telekinesis. (Telekinesis)

Spell Casting

***The following spell can shrink flames or make them grow [in height] and can sometimes even put out dying flames!***

First, light the candle with a match or lighter. Let it stay for a little while, then move your hands in a circular motion as you feel the energy pulse through them. Make a sort of chi ball of energy. (This is also used in 'move a plant [telekanetic] ')Close your eyes and feel that human energy arise within your hands. Feel like you're actually holding a invisible ball. You should begin to feel a slight resistance between hands. Then apply that force to the flame. Merge with the fire. Feel the heat coarse through your veins and maybe even sway back and force to help you merge. Now concentrate. Move your hands up and down slowly. When you move up, the flame should grow slightly. Push down, the flame sort of compresses. If the flame is already dying, then use this spell to extinguish it.

***Note: This spell requires EXTREME concentration and absoulutly NO distractions.***
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