Decision Spell


Bowl of water (salt water, preferably)
A voice
One candle (white)


If you cannot make up your mind, signs shall tell you what to choose.

Spell Casting

Set the bowl of water down and place the candle behind it, so it goes candle, bowl, you. Then place your hands on your knees with your palms facing the sky. Meditate for a moment, allow yourself timw to gather your focus. Once you feel ready, light the candle and say:



"With this fire,
Fulfill my desire. "



Now think of your problem that you cannot decide what to do. Place the stick in the water and stir clockwise whilst saying:



"I am stuck and need your advice,
Send it once or maybe twice.
Yet maybe thrice will show I've tried.
Please help me (God of your choice), help me decide!"



Once saying this, lay the stick on the water surface and wait for the water to stop moving. Wherever the stick points to, is where you must travel to discover your answer. Once you have decided, remember to say:



"Diola lle." (Thank you)



NOTE: You must go in that direction until you decide. This may take you as much as a minute, half an hour or maybe even a few hours. This spell is best performed in the morning and best results shall occur if you are completely focus. It will also happen faster if you worship or follow the god of your choice but this is not necessary for the spell to work. If you wish to burn some incense to help you focus you may but again this is not compulsory. If you have any trouble understanding how this spell works just PM me.
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