Create Your Wand


Branch from an oak tree
A blessed Stone
Crystal (amethyst, calcite etc.)
Eve of the Full Moon.


Creates a wand for all your magical needs and purposes.

Spell Casting

Go out on the eve of the full moon and approach an oak tree. See if you can find a branch within your reach or a branch on the ground beneath it. Step up to the tree, press your lips to the tree (kiss it) and say:



"Oh Mighty Oak, I ask you here,
Can I take a branch so dear?



After you have said this, step away and wait for the tree to wave its branches. If you have asked politely enough or have sufficient focus then the tree should shudder. Once it has done this, step up to it and cut a branch off.

NOTE: Do NOT snap or break it off, as the tree will not like it, and therefore, your wand will have no magical power. Preferrably, your branch should be about 12 inches.
Now you have your branch, sit somewhere where you can relax and hollow out the branch. This may take a while but it is completely necessary. Once you have done this, take your blessed stone/crystal and place it in your power hand while you have the branch infront of you in a horizontal position, pointing from East to West. Now, close your eyes and meditate for a moment. Imagine the glow of the stone/crystal in your hand and imagine the glow spreading up your arm, through your chest and down the other arm.

NOTE: This step is important otherwise you will not be able to fuse your branch with the power of your stone/crystal.
ONce you have done this, place the stone/crystal behind the branch and pick up the branch and hold it with both of your hands. Close your eyes once more and say:



"With the power of my stone/crystal,
I give to you it's strength.
I wish for it to serve you until you need it no more,
And I wish that it will give you life.
So may it be.



Once you have said this, place the stone/crystal into one end of the branch (your choice) and then seal it in place with ribbon. Leave it somewhere where it can bathe in the light of the moon next night and once you have done this, you may carve markings into the wand to decorate it.
If after one week, your wand does not work, wait until the next full moon and allow it to bathe in its light to charge it and then wash it in a body of natural water whilst saying:



"I now charge thee for you need your strength.
Now, work for me. So mote it be.



It should now work and you may continue with its use.
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