Spiteful Binding Spell


Item of Your Enemy (Hair, Ect.)


To do this Spell start by doing a Standard binding spell, After doing the Binding due as below.

Spell Casting

(The Punishment's are as Follows Depending on your Element you wish them to suffer.)

Earth: This Element will Cause an Enemy different Afflictions. Using the Element of Earth You enemy will be cursed by Earth. Once this is done your enemy may suffer from, Loosing his/her Home, In the worse case depending on how Evil or how Karma play's, You enemy may find themselves 6 feet below. To Preform this Punishment you must bury Bound Object and Speak the Binding spell.

Fire: This Element will cause an Enemy to Loose money, This can cause your enemy to Be Enraged, Angry, or Ill Tempered by affecting there attitude. Also this in worse case may cause them to die by fire or loose something to the Flames of Vengeance. To Preform this Punishment, Burn Bound Object and Speak the Binding spell

Wind: This Element will cause Storms, Lightening, Wind, Rain or Harmful weather to your enemy and may also Inflict the Passing of a Relative or Friend, possibly by loosing them or Worse. To Preform this Punishment by First burning the Bound Object and scattering the Ashes into the wind.

Water: This Element will cause Drowning In Sorrow, Guilt, Sadness for Something they have done, Perhaps water will become there downfall. To preform this Punishment throw bound object into a stream river or ect.

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