Light Side: Conceration of an Amulet


1. Altar.
2. White Candle & Red Candle.
3. Incense/Frankincense (Recommended.)
4. An Amulet or Talisman you wish to Enchant.


This is the High Light Version of Creating an Amulet/Talisman.

Spell Casting

Hold Your soon to be magical item in your receptive hand (left if your right handed, right if your left handed)

2) Close your eyes and your fist about the magical item and begin to feel the energy of your body protective, powerful, personal thought energy flowing through your body, down your arm and into your hand holding the magical item.

3) Feel the magical item begin to pulse with your power, your personal power. See yourself wearing it and the magical item protecting you as you work or go to school or play sports or walk home at night from work. Feel the power and invoke your personal god/goddess who you feel attuned with the most.

Feel and envision the energy and personal power charging through you your arm, your hand and your magical item all at once, envision it as a protective white, yellow or blue light glowing all about you.

4) Light your White and Place your Incense in the middle of the Altar. After doing so Hold the Amulet within your hand moving back and forth through the flame and say "Here burns the Sincerity of (Name.) His/Her Belief in the power of the Talisman strongly as does this flame. It will never die.."

5) Light your Red Candle moving it through the Fire (3) times and say
"Here is the Love that goes into this amulet, For the Talisman is a storehouse of the Power of Love."

6) Take the Talisman and move it through the WHITE candle letting the flame burn both sides. After doing so do the same with the red and say "By Fire do I cleanse this Talisman of any and all Impurities that may dwell within it."

7) Now pass the Amulet/Talisman three times through the incense smoke whilst saying "And by the Gods I sense and cleanse it to be ready for my purpose."

8) Now take the Talisman/Amulet and hold it within your Dominate hand and speak "This Talisman I Imbue with Love. Whoever shall were it shall feel it's endless Power..That Power will be ever with it's wearer, so long as He/She/I shall bare it.

9) Now Pass it three times again through the Red and speak "Here is that Love fully consecrated within."

10) Lay the Talisman/Amulet in between the Red and White Candle for 3 hours undisturbed. It should be Constantly worn by it's Bearer at all times try not to take it off too often, too many times you pull it from you it will become useless and you must restart the process again. I hope that you find this spell useful and use it wisely, Note: The Amulet or Talisman should be touching your skin when thou wear it.

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