Breaking a Hex


2 White Candles
2 Purple Candles
4 Hematite Crystals
1 Picture of Yourself


A spell to destroy a hex that has been given to you.

Spell Casting

Cast a magick circle with you wand, athame or forefinger. Place the white candles in the North and South direction and the purple candles in the West and East directions, activate the crystals and put on in each direction.


 "Element of water,
I invite you to assist me
In breaking this hex!


Light the two white candles whilst visualizing a ribbon on white light rapping around you in a clockwise direction, then light the two purple candles and visualize them wrapping around you in an anti-clockwise direction with the white ribbon. Pick up your picture and visualize it being surrounded by black light, but then the black light being completley consumed by a colour of light you consider protective (I choose red due to the red candle being associated with protection)


 "(Say the colour) light of protection, (say colour) pure,
I have been given I curse I can no longer endure.
Purify my body and cleanse y soul,
Remove this hex from me please,
May you devour it whole.
So mote it be!"


Bow to the four directions and and chant:

"My curse is lifted,
My bad luck away,
Curser! Leave me alone forever or the curse will come to you and stay!"
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