Love list spell


red or pink candle (Whichever one you believe will work best for you)
little bag
something to dig with


A way to find someone to fall in love with.

Spell Casting

First off take the pen and write down all the things you want in a guy/girl. (Example: I want a guy who is funny.) You can specific, or not. Ir's up to you.
Once your finished take and burn the paper. (make sure it's all the way burned or it won't work.)
Then make sure you have all the ashes from the paper and put them into the little bag.
Then go outside (works best under a full moon) and bury the ashes.
In a week or a month or a year (depending on when you casted this spell and how specific you were) you will find a new love.
But be warned they might have all the qualities you wrote down, but they will have most of them.
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