Protection From an Ill-Wisher


4 pieces of black tourmaline
1 large piece of paper or cardboard with a big pentacle drawn on it
5 short white candles
4 small reflective pieces about ½" in diameter
1 small standing mirror (such as an old compact mirror)
1 marker that will write on glass
1 short black candle
1 pin
1 handful of a protective herb such as witchbane or belladonna
1 white plastic bag


A simple protection spell.

Spell Casting

Take your black tourmaline and place a piece in each of the four directions, if necessary taping it directly to the wall in the room where you’re going to work your spell. Place your pentacle in the centre of your altar. Cast your circle.

Using the pin, carve the name f your ill-wisher into the black candle. Place in the centre of the pentacle. In each of the four points have a white candle with a small mirror attached facing the black candle. In the fifth point of the star have a small standing mirror to which you have added sun, moon and star symbols.

Light the first white candle saying:

"I call forth the light from the (direction),and with this light I repel any darkness that might be reaching me from NAME.And with this mirror I invoke the law of three reflecting back to him/her any energy he/she may be sending to me thrice multiplied".

Light the remaining three candles, repeating your verse each time. With a fifth candle call forth the center, above and below saying:

"By the light of the sun, the moon and the stars:I repel any darkness that might be reaching me from NAME.And with this mirror I invoke the law of three reflecting back to him/her all energy he/she maybe sending to me thrice multiplied".

Set the fifth candle behind the mirror, light it and then say:

"NAME , by the seven directions, by earth, air, water, fire, sun, moon, and stars you now find all that you would send out to others reflected back to you".

Light the black candle

"You exist but your thoughts touch none outside your circle and as this candle burns down all influence,all woe that you have worked, wanes into nothingness".

Let the candles completely burn down and watch them very carefully, seeing that they do not set fire to the paper or make a mess with the wax off of it. Remove the sand-up mirror if and when it becomes necessary. As the candles melt, burn a handful of protective herbs and keep the ashes. When the candles all go out circle the melted wax with the ashes of the herbs and say:

"Your influence has waned to nothing and you are limited and defined by a circle of ashes.Your power reflects back upon itself and cannot harm anyone outside your circle of ashes.I call the guardians of the watchtower to witness that I stand outside your circle of ashes and therefore beyond your ability to work woe.Any coils of darkness around me have been burned away as the candle has burned and now by the light of the sun, moon, and stars I stand free"

Fold or roll up the paper carefully, enclosing all the wax, ashes and small mirror pieces. Place in the plastic bag and tie it off. Take it out and put it in the garbage several blocks away from your home.

Alternatively, you can roll up the paper as above and build a bonfire over it, destroying it completely
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