Make someone's Hair Fall Out


An image of the person who's being targeted. Can be a photo or you can use a doll or toy.
4 Black candles
3 Red candles
Rue oil or Olive oil
A few strands of the hair of the person or black thread of medium thickness.


It may sound humorous but this spell is actually a sort of revenge spell. In fact, revenge spells should not be taken lightly and are sometimes of fierce nature.

Spell Casting

Make a circle in any isolated spot like your backyard or terrace. You may even perform this spell in your room. Make sure that this spell is performed only on a full moon night. Cast an imaginary circle around you. Place the image (photo or doll) of the target at the center of the imaginary circle. Then place four black candles around the circle, each one facing one direction (North, South, East & West). You will sit facing the south. At this direction place two red candles, one on either side of the black candle. At the northern end place the remaining red candle. Now take the hair/thread of your target and affix it on the doll or the photo. Once this is done, pick up the red candle behind you and bow down once in each direction and seek the pardon of your deities for the action you are going to perform. Then using the same candle burn the doll or the photo starting with the hair/thread first. Once it is completely burnt, exhaust all the candles and leave the room for the next twenty nine (29) minutes. The spell will work overnight.
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