Soul Torment


1 pot or bowl (to burn in)
9 candles for a man, or 7 candles for a woman (any color)
1 radoll
1 piece barbed wire
1 sheet of paper
1 permanant ink pen(any color)
3 drop of your enemy's blood
a few matches


Curse and bind the soul of thy enemy in searing pain

Spell Casting

Set the candles around the pot, and lit them. Write down the name of your enemy and their date of birth, then wrap it around the radoll. Take the barbed wire and wrap it around the paper and the radoll then drip 3 drop of blood onto it. Make sure the blood actually touched the radoll and lit on fire. WARNING: Nothing is gain without a lost, therefore using this spell you must pay a price. This is an unstable spell, easily affected by karma, and can be sent straight back to its caster. In some cases the spell will not take affect at all, while other cases it will destroy the person who cast it. Further more, the victim will not simply die even if infected, but rather making them weaker days by days. NOTICE: For some person whose soul are strong and whose fate destined, they will be immune to this spell. Careful and only use if neccessary.
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