Healing a Cut


Concentration and visualisation.


Showing how to heal a cut using the solar plexus chakra.

Spell Casting

This technique of healing can be used to heal a cut.
This technique was given to me personally (Priestess Lucie) by father after accidently cutting myself the other day.
I started healing on the Wednesday, after the accident on the Monday and have had very fast results in just 3 days healing.
He told me to connect with my solar plexus chakra by placing my hand on my stomach and breathing/pushing out the energy from it, visualising it as yellow energy.
He then said to place my hand on the area that was cut, as I did this he also told me to visualize white-gold energy and breathe it in and connecting it with the energy from my solar plexus, directing it to the wound.
It helps to visualize the energy surrounding the wound.
During the time I was doing this, breathing in the energy 5 times, I felt the palm of my hand getting warm.
He said to me that this was a sign of it working.
After doing this daily I began to see signs of it working, remember as I've said in my article, if you are to try this technique it is important to not skip a day unless you want a set back.
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