Finding Lover Spell


1 glass dish
1 white candle
Lavender oil (to anoint the candle and water)
Perfume/deodorant/cologne or aftershave
4 dried lavender stems
Fresh water


This spell will help you find a lover.

Spell Casting

Place the dish in a place that you normally see everyday. Anoint the candle by rubbing the oil lightly on the top of the candle and the bottom then place it in the center of the dish. Spray the candle and the dish with the perfume, then spray your neck. As you pour the water in to the dish say:



"I wish to find a lover, and I wish for it to last, I wish to find a lover, and I wish it to be fast."



Keep repeating. As you say the words light the candle and burn the lavender and place them at the positions of north, south, east and west. Once that is done, you can stop repeating. Keep the candle burning for another ten minutes. Repeat everyday at the exact same time, for seven days.
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