Banishing Spell


Four Thieves Vinegar


This spell banishes the person or thing away from your life completely.

Spell Casting

Write the name of the thing person on a small peice of paper. Now fold the paper in half but make sure you fold it away from you. Now fold it again the other way one more time. Now pour some Four Thieves Vinegar in a bottle, enough so that the paper will be under all of it, and insert the paper. Close the bottle and start shaking it.


Now Say:

"For Seven Days and Seven Nights you shall remain imobilized."
Now bury the bottle with the name in it in your backyard. After Seven Days and Seven Nights return for the bottle. Pour all the liquid out in a toliet, or another moving body of water. Take the paper and burn it outside in a cauldron or another place where you can burn something while still keeping the ashes. While its burning visualize the thing you wrote down escaping just like the smoke. Gather the ashes and put all of it in the toilet, or some other moving body of water, and flush it."


Visualize the thing leaving and say:

"For Seven Days and Seven Nights you have been imobilized. Now you are free and you are running away from me as fast as you can. Don't mess with me. As I will so mote it be!"
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