Longevity Spell


Dried apricots
Sunflower seeds


This spell should increase your life span and your health as well as your strength.

Spell Casting

Work apricots into your diet. Dried apricots and apricot juice can be effective in preventing premature heart attacks, raising vital mineral levels, and blocking formations of certain cancers.

Antioxidants in olives can help prevent cancer.

The rest of the foods are helpful in evoking long, healthy lives.

Count out 120 sunflower seeds, and eat them at sunrise.

When you eat pears or olives, imagine yourself endowed with the longevity of the trees that bore the fruit. See yourself as the tree, and visualize dropping seeds. This way you bless not only yourself, but your offspring to a long life.

Rub olive or apricot oil into an apple, bite it, and visualize yourself as healthy into old age.

Drink beet and apple juice, and visualize them revitalizing every cell in your body.
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