Water Meditation Spell


drinking water
open glass container
Water sounds(stream or waterfall recommended)


This is a water meditation more then a water spell.

Spell Casting

To start, listen to the sound of the water. Next, look at the water source or at the water in your container. Pause to consider how vital water is to our existence. Think of all the ways we use it and how life would be without it. Be grateful for water. Touch it, and then take a drink. Engage all your senses in experiencing water. The element of water represents emotions and feelings. Try to get in touch with this aspect of yourself, and consider all the aspects of water? Rain, lakes, springs, streams, and oceans, and its association with the womb. Do this for at least ten or fifteen minutes, then say:
"Ripples on the pond, Sacred spring and well, The current and the tide, Watch it flow and swell. Water of the earth, Water from above, Waters of the world, Fill us with your love."

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