Lemon Curse


1 lemon
1 black candle
9 nails
cursing oil
picture of the intended
black bowl
athame (or knife...something to cut a slit in the lemon)


To curse someone who has done you wrong

Spell Casting

Light the candle.
 Cut a slit in the lemon and place the picture of the person inside the lemon.
 Visualize your anger toward the person, take one nail and pierce the lemon
take the remaining nails , one by one and pierce the lemon, until all the nails are in the lemon.
 Place the lemon in the bowl and cover it half way with the cursing oil.
 Place the bowl on your altar and let the lemon rot.
 As the lemon rots, so will the luck and life of the intended.

**Note: Understand that this could cause death.**

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