Air of Intelligence


a bottle
a seal


to make the correct answers more visible, and easier to understand.

Spell Casting

Raise energy and once built up throw the energy into the bottle. Then Take bottle and sing the rhyme into the bottle, visualize the power of the words flowing into the bottle. Do this while outside and near the water, once done take a seal and place it over the top of the bottle, then pour wax around the seal. Keep bottle sealed as long as you want the spell to endure. An alternative to this is to let the spell “Mature” and sit in the bottle for one turn of the moon (preferably from new to full), Then to release the energy in the spell.

rhyme -answers, answers, show yourselves to me, Answers, answers, become visible for me, Answers, answers, once this spell is done, Answers, answers, your knowledge and mine will be one, Answers, answers, this energy of mine as it be from me, Answers, answers, blasts through the fog of unknowedness, Answers, answers, so that I may see you clearly.
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