Earth Fuse


Nothing but imagination


I like to call this one the rock gauntlet on a point of it working like armor and a weapon at the same time.

Spell Casting

Close your eyes , and picture the energy from the earth floating all around you and glowing beneath the surface under you. Now, send some of your ki , in the form of string-type streams down into the earth ,connecting the earth with your energy.

Picture your ki fusing with the earth's energy, and absorbing some of it into your energy. Performing a ki flame-type power up, picturing the two energies fusing together all inside of you. Now start gathering earth energy, make it swirl around inside your ki flame.keep loading up your ki flame with earth energy until you feel it is fairly strong. Now,send all that energy that is swirling around you to the front of you, and use your mind to make it form something such as a brick wall-type shield. Keep adding earth energy to it, and program it to do whatever you want...just rememeber that you CANNOT shield from physcal objects. earth punch now, power up as you normally would, but take in earth energy with.

Swirl the earth energy with your own ki. Now,bring your hand back, make a tight fist, and use the earth energy to surround your hand, and picture it making a big rock around your fist, or turning your fist to stone.send the last of that earth energy into your fist, and take a big step forward and smash your foe with all your might, and picture the stone braking on them
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