Bless a Tree


1 Tree, any size
12 Small stones
10 Medium stones
6 Large stones
Soil of the tree is very small


This spell will help the said tree grow better, and create a special bond between you and afore mentioned tree.

Spell Casting

First, gather the ingredients, and go to the tree. Second, place the stones in a circle around the tree, starting with small, then medium, then large stones  Third, chant:



"Gods bless this tree, Gods bless this tree. It is a very sacred tree. It will be used, for so much good, it will not be, just useless wood. Gods bless this tree, SO MOTE IT BE!



Repeat seven times. Then, take the soil and pile it up, over the rocks, but leave the tree uncovered. Make sort of an ant hill shape. Fourth, go wherever you were before you blessed the tree. Fifth, you're done!
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