Stress Relief


1 Unused piece of paper
1 White candle OR Red candle
1 Fireproof bowl
Something to light a fire with

Red candle= Health and Strength
White candle= Peace


This spell is used to make someone you care about feel better if they are under a lot of stress.

Spell Casting

This is a spell from my personal Grimoire so enjoy!

On a piece of paper write these words:

Magic moon burning bright, Let my will be done tonight,
answer now my earnest spell, let things with **** all be well.

Replace **** with the persons name.

Now light the candle you have chosen and meditate.

Imagine that persons frown becoming a smile.

Now put the piece of paper in the flame then drop it in the bowl.

As it burns away chant this 3 times:

By the power of three so mote it be.
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