Strengthen Psychic Power


Waxing moon


To strengthen your psychic power.

Spell Casting

Out of doors and in the open air, on an eve of the waxing moon, you will need stand in an uncluttered spot and extend your arms outward from your sides. Begin to turn slowly clockwise, eyes level, whilst taking care to not move from the spot on which you stand. The following invocation should be spoken aloud whilst you continue to rotate clockwise with arms extended from your sides:



"Spirits of the Seven Winds Keepers of the powers Transporters of knowledge, wisdom and truth Guardians of the earth, sea and sky Hear this pleading of a wayward traveler Grant me audience before thine eyes and ears That thus this may be heard And my needs be seen. Those who fear thee seek me Those who thou dost loathe abhor me In thy path, I wish to walk And with thy voice I desire to talk Clothe my bones with the strength of thy strengths Fortify my mind with thine solid foundation Gathered from the expanse of the universe And carried by thine able hands That in thy wisdom and truth And through the purity of your spirit These things may be imparted unto me. Spirits of the Seven Winds hear my cry And let this thus be so."
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