Moon Wish Spell


1 White Candle
Moon light and full moon


What it says.

Spell Casting

To ask for your heart's desire, draw the symbol of the Waxing Moon in a pure beeswax candle with a rose thorn. Light the candle, and with your eyes fixed upon the flame, concentrate on your heart's desire being granted by the Goddess Moon. When this thought is firmly in your mind, whisper softly:



"Goddess Luna, mother of all love and light, grant me my heart's desire (say exactly what you wish for). Grant my wishes, fulfill my heart's desire. Shine on me tonight."



Blow out the candle flame, but hold the image of it in your mind's eye for as long as possible. As you think of the candle's flame, know for sure that your wish has been heard. Within the space of one lunar cycle, your heart's desire should be granted.
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