Tornado Control




This spell is for experts at energy manipulation and advanced elemental benders only.

Spell Casting

What you need to do, is get into a deep meditation, (I reccomend you turn on a song of sorts that relaxes your body and strengthens your subconscious) then extend your subconscious to the area where the tornado is, feel its power, feel its flow and the energy flux about it. Then using your hands as if to shape energies within. Try to make it do whatever you wish it to do.

To destroy a tornado: First try and reverse its flow, start slow then go fast, using your hand motion in connection unto it, if that does not work, then cup your hands as if underneath it, and lift then push upward evoking great strength. Once back in the sky I suggest you take two fingers (index and middle are best) and with both hands shove an energy up into the center of the vortex's flux, then chant "

Kahum Kolpah!-Draconians Divide Asunder!".
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