Wish Spell


One purple candle
A piece of virgin parchment paper
three drops of your blood
your voice and your desire


To bring about your greatest wish by the next full.

Spell Casting

One purple candle
Three drops of your blood
And perform sky clad ( nude)

All you need is your will

Your voice and your wish

Anoint the candle wick with your blood
And put some of the blood on the wish that your asking for

Write your wish on a piece of virgin paper hold it in your hand close to your heart and envision your wish coming true,
While chanting the spell below.

Good luck and blessed be.


"Ancient powers of Wizards and mages
Ancient powers of seers and sages,
Lend your powers to this spell
Grant me this wish and all shall be well
I wish that _______________________________ shall be mines by the next full moon."


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