Death by Fire


doves' blood' ink
1 tsp rosemary
4 tsp frankincense
6 tsp lavendar
2 tsp myrrh
4 tsp orris root
1tsp patchouli
1 half tsp salt petre
6 tsp Sandalwook
1 tsp Cinnamon
dragon's blood incense


A spell that will kill your enemy... as their insides rot and their spirit is set aflame.

Spell Casting

Write your enemy's name on a piece of parchment using doves' blood ink and place in a burner with icense mixture created from the ingredients mentioneed above.

Use loose dragon's blood incense to make a circle around the burner and lay a lodestone in front of it as well. Add the dragon's blood incense to the burner and visualize your enemy suffering an agonzing death. Sleep as the incense mixture smolders. Do this for seven nights in a row to kill the enemy. To ensure a complete annihilation of the enemy, add some of the incense into a red bag and throw it into the enemy's territory.
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