Draw Money to You


1 green candle
Patchouli oil
1 new penny
4 malachite stones


This spell helps attract money with the assistance of the dragons.

Spell Casting

During the new/waxing/full moon (full moon being the strongest) anoint a green candle with patchouli oil, think of money being drawn to you. Place candle in holder and place on altar. Now put a new penny in front of the candle. Now put 4 malachite stones around the candle and penny. Chant 3 times:
By dragon's power of air, water, fire and earth, money come forth to me. (Amount) is what I need at this time. Harm come to none, may this penny be multiplied.
Light the candle and gaze into the flame, see the money coming to you, let the candle sit on the altar until it has burned down all the way. When the candle has burned all the way down, take the wax and bury it on your property. Take the penny and carry it in your wallet with a malachite stone to increase money being drawn to you. note: this spell works best if you really have a need for this money, this is not a become a millionaire spell.
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