Shadow Chakras


A very strong willpower as always, and a strong Connection to Shadow energies


A spell to be used before Dark arts, of which will greatly increase the darkness flowing within Thee

Spell Casting

Yet another spell requiring great experience with Shadows, yet well worth the practice:)

As you do your pre-meditation before your Dark Rituals, open your chakras, the main line of seven(groin through crown). Feel the vividly colorful energy flowing through your spine, all the way down to the tingling of your Atoms.

Just as they nearly open completely, draw the energy of Shadows through your Third Eye(my preffered), Crown or Groin Chakras. Feel the icy cold shower of darkness ring through your spine as the dark power within you grows to great levels. As your Third Eye ends its opening, Envision it as a Flowering Lotus, though it is a brilliant(too briliant), bright white color. Then feel it erupt with darkness in a way so violent, so shaking, that you nearly(or do) scare yourself.

Stand up, and begin your dark workings, utilizing this new found chaotic and destructive power. After a dozen of times or so, the scared feeling should be worn away, and you should be totally calm with this new form of Chakra Opening/Empowerment.

I suggest cleansing your chakras VERY thoroughly with your preffered method after each time of doin ghtis. I have found Crystals to work the besta at Restoring the Original Chakra. After so long of doing this, You should Forge a strong enough connection with Shadow not to have to Cleanse them any longer, but I reccomend it for at least the first two dozen times after your working is over.
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