To Sleep


1 Clear Quartz
candles (optional)


This spell will feed some of your energies to a quartz and make you tired.

Spell Casting

1) Sit crossed legged on your bed or near/In your sacred space and hold the crystal with two hands. (you may also light some candles if you wish)
2) visualize the energies draining from you and going into the crystal.
3) close your eyes and say these words:
Intense dreams that never lies,
flying, soaring across the skies
As i rest my head, and close my eyes
Early for the morning rise
In the land of dreams, i shall dwell,
as i finish this sentence, i cast my spell
so mote it be.
extinguish the candles if you have lit them, and place your quartz by your bed or under your pillow, and when you wake up, hold your quartz and say:
return to me, oh energies,
come back, return, so mote it be
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