Invoking the Flames of Hades


Black wax(a few disposable black candles)


Watch your enemy burn in the eternal burning flames.

Spell Casting

Light a small fire in your cauldron. After it has burned to a quite acceptable brew, begin melting black wax into the flames until it begins to burn itself. As you melt the candles down say:



"As I melt this Candle Wax,
Oh so darkened, Oh so black,
I invoke before me,
The ever burning fire of Hades."



Do this for quite some time until the only thing burning is the wax itself. After this is achieved, pour your energy into the hadetic door to the Ever Burning Fires. As you focus on this, say:



"I call to the Realm of Hades,
and invoke the powers of the ever burning flame,
and before me shall they burn,
in the name of Lord Hades!"



Meditate on what you have just done. KNOW, that before you burns the flames of JHades. This rite can involve other forms of death magick and cursing(i.e. passing pictures through the flame, etc)
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